Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Canal House

The Canal House, or Het Grachtenhuis, is one of the newest museums to open in Amsterdam. I took a tour one lunch hour and it was pretty good. A little smaller than I imagined it would be, there's only one main floor of exhibition, but it's all beautifully set out.
I didn't take any photos early on as i didn't actually expect it to be that interesting....shame on me. The first room tells the story of Amsterdam projection-mapped onto a large model of the city. Following that is a map room about the plans for the new city. Then a smaller room showing construction methods. The fourth room is where I started snapping. A blackened room with a large doll house in the center, featuring projected loops of the 'dolls'. Really nicely done. Each room is a different time period.
Here are a few images spying through the windows.
A fashion shop here, and below a 'modern' house... though it's a little dodgy looking in it's dark interior and red stilettos strewn on the carpet...
 Surrounding walls of this room feature the canal houses in outline. Some have little peep-hols as you can see above.
 The final room upstairs has a huge model of the canal belt, and a projection montage of canal life.
Downstairs there's beautifully restored rooms and a little more historical information. It's quite a simple museum, but I quite like that's it's not ridiculously overloaded with information. The tour took me about 50 minutes, and the time zoomed by. This would be ideal for kids. Every room is different and interesting, a great dose of history for short attention spans.

Word to the wise: buy tickets online. They're cheaper and, more importantly, time coded. Children up to the age of 5 have free admission.

Het Grachtenhuis: Herengracht 386, Amsterdam.

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