Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Old Quarter

Before long we were back on our minivan (with a fellow Catalan couple!) and slowly (very very slowly at 40 km/h) making our way back to the city. Once back in Hanoi we then tackled the sights of the city! It's a big city and we walked our socks off. Stumbled across a temple with a lot of hanging hats, not sure exactly what the story with this was, but they looked beautiful.
Another horse in the temple.
Then we left the sanctuary of the temple to go back to the crazy streets, jam-packed and overflowing.
Potato chips being transported by bike.
We mooched around the Old Quarter and then up to the local market. Quite mad.
The streets are packed with tiny shops selling mostly one thing only. But a lot of that one thing. So each shop looks like an Aladin's Cave of goods exploding out onto the street.
Traffic was mental. So many motorbikes. We saw whole families on bikes: the parent and 3 kids on one. And all the adults were wearing helmets, but none of the kids. I guess they don't make them in baby sizes...there's a market there. Below is a very Vietnamese scene: parents buying a red star for their toddler, as he stands on the motorbike just before the scream off down the
More amazing caves of treasure.
Old eagle-eyes Edu spied these Milo screens. So nice.

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