Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wonderings in Hanoi II

Another day, another wander around Hanoi. Today Edu and I had Wallpaper's Hanoi Guide with us and went to check out some of their recommends. First up, The Central Post Office, on the lake. Inside they have a huge glass brick map of the world. It's quite a sight, looking very soviet in size and structure.
The map itself leave something to be desired, however. A lot of attention to detail but somehow Australia has gone back a few hundred thousands years and Tasmania is once again connected to  mainland Australia. Interesting...
The Red Bridge, by day and night.
We visited one great little café tucked away in the middle of building by the lake in the old quarter. You have to go through a silk shop, then through a temple and up 3 or 4 flights of stairs to the café. It has nice views overlooking the lake. I had a Vietnamese special coffee: iced coffee with yoghurt, but fellow travelers told us the one with beaten egg whites was the real winner "It's like having a meringue on top of your coffee". Yum. Next time…
Quite nice to sit up above all the noise and rush of the streets.
I have to say, the experience was great, but it does not look like it does in the Wallpaper guide. But it was still interesting. Go all the way up to the top!
A bar with a view. By night we headed to the newer Sofitel for a view out across the lakes.

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