Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lyon, On Sunday

Day two of Mr E and my little gettaway in France.  Again, we slept in, making it to Lyon just in time for lunch. We went to another restaurant in the same family as Leon de Lyon, Le Bistrot de Lyon, which was the perfect lunch spot. An emotional Mr E, and I quote: "best black pudding I've ever eaten". The street the restaurant is on was the only busy street in this part of town, the rest shut down on a Sunday.
Shopping out of the question we decided to get some exercise, so crossed the River Saône and start to make our way up to the cathedral. To our surprise, a lot of shops at the base of the hill in the old town were open. There were a few pretty amazing antique bookstores, Diogène, is one that is worth taking a look at. After sniffing about the little shops, it was then time to suck it up, and make our way up the hill.
Passing a beautiful waterfall on the way up, slowly, but surely, we made our way up the hill, looking out at the fantastic city from above.
After a few wrong turns we finally made it to the cathedral gardens, which were beautiful.
And then we were at the lookout, taking in the astounding views. Lyon is such a pretty pretty city. The autumnal colours showing the landscape at it's best.
The Basilica of Notre-dame de Fourvière is a little fairytale structure perched on the hill. With some nice detailing on the outside, not much to see on the inside as it's covered in scaffolding in the midst of a renovation.
After a peek about the cathedral we then discovered there's a funicular that runs from the base of the hill to the top of the Cathedral... Ah, well. The exercise was good! We rode it down, and then decided to walk to the Gare Part-Dieu Villette (the other, closer station, doesn't have a locker for luggage). The walk only took about 20 minutes, easy peasey.
You can see the Cathedral poking through the streets of Lyon everywhere you walk, really pretty.
Passing this fantastic car on the way to the station. So so fabulous. And that was it! Tine to head home after a brilliant weekend.

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