Friday, 16 November 2012

Your Face Looks Familiar

A new exhibition is here from Guns & Butter: Your Face Looks Familiar opens tonight! G&B bring you a brand spanking new solo show from Barcelona artist, Alexandre Madurira. Below is the artist statement:
"Plucking icons from the annals of art history and fusing them with fragments of popular culture, Madureira, in a multifaceted cubist language, answers the call of Postmodernism: to test the master narrative. In Madureira’s imaginary museum, hierarchies collapse. Dichotomies of high and low art, image and reality, are challenged. In his large-scale compositions, we see the contemporary mind—the ideas, interactions, needs, desires, and cultural elements of the times reflected.
The proliferation of images through mass media and the speed of visual consumption disrupt the notion of time. Histories overlap. Madureira’s pictorial surfaces speak to this temporal speeding and contradict any timeline of visual culture. Relating it to a kind of spectacle, Bernini’s Saint Teresa is not struck by divinity but by the beams of a disco ball. The Thinker’s lofty perch is Jeff Koons’ balloon dog. Damien Hirst’s diamond-encrusted skull balances upon Marcel Duchamp’s fountain. George Lucas’ stormtroopers pose with Pablo Picasso’s les demoiselles."

Guns & Butter: Lauriersgracht 11, Amsterdam 1016RD.
Opening Friday November 16 (6 to 10pm) and on view up until December 15.

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