Thursday, 20 December 2012

An Ikea Christmas

So I was having a mooch about online at what the big store are offering up this Christmas. I saw a great post on Apartment Therapy about alternative trees, and some creative variations on Ikea's fabric print of a tree, Margareta. At £6 a meter and with the design being 56cm tall, you've got yourself a very economical, ecological, tree. It looks lovely with a few decorations hung through the fabric:
However...I have way too many (very delicate) ornaments so, sadly, not an option for moi. I'm thinking of constructing an 3D tree out of wood next year... hmm...
Ikea also has these little mercury class Christmas characters. Cute, but not really my aesthetic. But at least they made an effort, which is more than I can say for the folks at Habitat. Guys, you're slipping. I ducked into a shop in Lyon a few weeks ago while away for the weekend, and was sorely disappointing. You use to have such beautiful, well crafted things. Now it's just mass-produced, badly made...crap! Fingers crossed you lift your game next year, I'll be watching. Ikea, good job, but room for improvement.

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