Monday, 3 December 2012

Artirty of Poland

One of my earliest collections is of mercury glass Christmas tree ornaments. Growing up in Australia, we didn't have these at all. I remember polystyrene balls covered in silk thread, plain glass, and other ornaments, but never the mercury glass. When I was living in Northampton, Massachusetts I discovered them for the first time, fell in love, and have been slowly collecting them over the year. I do have a lot. A LOT. BUT I always find new shapes and characters, animals, objects I don't have. My only beef is that these days they're all HUGE. They should be small. The big ones are just tacky, in my opinion. And they're just too heavy for tree ends.
This year I came across these interesting mercury glass ornaments at Artistry of Poland. Not your usual subject matter. They have a great range of Day of the Dead inspired ornaments, as well as Native American, Halloween, Nature an Animal, and some of your more traditional religious themes.
I love this Native American blue-corn-looking one. Totally crazy.
The Pope is just nuts.
And these skulls are incredible. Love love love. Artistry of Poland, check them out, if your mercury glass obsession is anything close to mine you'll love them.

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