Thursday, 6 December 2012

Meet Mr Finch

This is Mr Finch. Mr Finch poses with an incredible giant moth he has made. And what a gorgeous moth it is – I love it. He looks to furry and nice (the moth, that is). Mr Finch is a textile artist in Leeds, England.
I came across a piece of his work on Pinterest and fell in love. Mr Finch's work has old world charm but in modern style and sophistication.  I just love the rabbits and their ruffles.
There's an artists statement on his Etsy shop, where I nabbed these little insights to the man himself. "I love to work alone and this was always the dream to sit in my studio and make things all day. I'm very fortunate enough to be doing this full time now and I fully appreciate it as its taken a few wrong turns and many random jobs to get here!" Hmmm, so envious. Mr Finch is living the life.
"I get very obsessed with creating certain animals and insects and often make many and then don't return to them for sometimes weeks. I recognise this behaviour now and whilst I'm in a particular zone I try to be as productive as possible."
"So whilst drinking endless cups of tea and keeping my eye on two naughty cats I listen to those Cd's of just the sound of rain, I love them regardless of the weather! They allow me to switch off and I spends hours sat at my table stitching fabrics into the creatures that fill my rainy fairytale mind."
"When not in my studio I'm on the constant lookout for fabrics and textiles that I can use in my work. I love the hunt and its especially great to find vintage pieces to use." Wow. A man after my own heart. Mr Finch – a message to you, sir – if you ever feel like a trip to Amsterdam, you have a place to crazy and a little Australian who will happily take you around vintage fabric stores and to flea markets with joy! For reals.
"At the end of the day or night I tidy my table up put all my tools away and look for the cats who are always hiding in between the books and jars and close the door until the next day"
Now all I feel like doing is pulling out my fabric draws and making something... You can follow Mr finch on his blog here.


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Finch said...

You know I may just take you up on that!
Winter wishes,
Mister Finch.x