Thursday, 31 January 2013

Utopia Goods

Gorgeous textiles from Australian textile and product design company Utopia Goods. Fantastic prints that are making me seriously homesick for Aussie craft, style, and sensibilities. The birds in the blue gum...adore.
A pow of colour from this koala pillow. Just fantastic. Amazing.
More gorgeousness. I think this fern print, being from Tassie where we have a lot of ferns, is my favourite. The colours are perfection.
Again ferns, but in black. Super sexy. Different pattern on the reverse.
A couple of images from their look book. Ohhh... I can see this will be on my shopping list next trip home...

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Colour Trends

Colour trends visualised.This work was done by designers Mie Frey Damgaard and Peter Ørntoft for Jotun, one of the world's leading decorative paints brand, based on images posted on Pinterest. Fun stuff!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Rami Niemi

Looking at the latest work and new additions to Pekka, I came across the work of Rami Niemi. All I can say, working in advertising for about 15 years now is, it's pretty much right on the money. Funny as hell. 

I have seen and heard a lot of these situations before...scary.
And this is my personal favourite. Reminds me of the site Hovering Art Directors....

Monday, 28 January 2013

Spring Ulyana

The latest and greatest from Ulyana Sergeenko is here with her SS13 collection. You can see the full collection of images on, I've made my selection of faves for this post. were tough critics on this show, and I have to agree. The theatrics are great, but some feel a little familiar and less fresh than I've come to expect from Ulyana, and I miss a little refinement in the collection overall. The theme for this collection is "Gone With the Wind, the Headless Horseman, Huck Finn—it's our American collection," says Ulyana. I didn't get the American side of it, until it was pointed out. I just saw it as 'peasant' look crossed with Spanish-inspired black magic...  Hmm.
The thing that Ulyana does well, is the detail and modern twists in her romantic styles. I can't see too much detail from these photos, but I'm heartened by this comment from "...buttons nipping up the back of gowns were porcelain, hand-painted with characters out of Russian nursery rhymes, and delicate crocheted embroideries were inset like cameos into sweet silk blouses." Now that sounds incredible. I like the cross-stitch on the classes below, and the embroidery on the shorts above is lovely. I think these are the special features of this collection, less the silhouettes per se. 
How cute is this little box clutch?! I wish there were a few more pics of the details. Nice, but not amazeballs. And bra tops just seem lazy. Curious for the next show.
 And here's cutie Ulyana herself.

Friday, 25 January 2013

New Season's Tana Lawn

Time again to check out the new prints hot off the Liberty fabric press! I have to say, I'm not overly enamored by this latest rage. Some I quite like, as I've selected for this post, but nothing I really LOVE or must have. Shame. Though probably good for me, as I have a little stockpile of fabric's I've not yet done a thing with. Though, granted, I had collected the majority for wedding bunting, but then decided against it for fear of 'hokeyness'. That would be the technical term, yes. Needless to say, in the cupboard they remain...for now. I digress.
This rage is "‘The Flower Show’ is bursting with botanical prints! Influenced by inspirational visits to the Chelsea Flower Show, artistic collaborations and archival documents the collection celebrates one of our most signature and iconic patterns, the floral print, which we have been producing since the late 1870s. Well there are some very pretty patterns, but nothing really earth shattering. 
I think the main thing that irked me was the colour palette on a lot of the designs – quite vibrant and high-contrast. Maybe jsust a tad too bold for moi. Well, I'm sure they'll be snapped up at any rate. If you feel like snapping up a bargain, the Liberty winter sale is on, including fabric.