Thursday, 17 January 2013

Biyan, Spring 2013

Fairytale princess dresses for grown-ups. That's the only way to describe these incredible pieces. I think I would have the same feeling trying one of these dresses on as I did on Christmas day, I guess aged around 10, discovering the ultimate princess dress 'Santa' had left hanging behind the curtain. I had one in pink stripes with lace trim, and one in blue with velveteen polka dots, and I think a third with red velveteen dots... My Mum encouraged our imaginations no end and our 'dress-up box' was a constant source of self re-invention, though mine were mostly princess-related. Anyway, as I said, I imagine slipping on one of these gorgeous Biyan dresses would evoke the same magical powers of transformation as those dresses from Santa. And if I did own one, I would feel like my Christmases had all come at once. 
But enough of moi. Let's look at Biyan. Biyan Wanaatmadja was born in Surabaya-Indonesia, worked in Germany, then graduated from The London College of Fashion. His collection is described as "juxtaposing interplay between fabric, texture, colour, and form, of taut tailoring and hyper-romanticism' are key signatures of the brand. The craftsmanship of the embroidery is what blows my mind.

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