Friday, 11 January 2013

Chinatown & MOMA & Haight St.

A rainy day maybe, but Edu and I headed out to explore San Francisco's Chinatown. We stayed at the Fairmont Hotel, so we were only a few blocks uphill from the main drag.
Heading off, down the hill, trolley cars passing us as we went.
The we arrived to Chinatown. Red lanterns hanging over the street, fantastic old signage.
At the far end and up the hill a bit is anther nice area with great signage. There's also City Lights Books, which is a great bookstore stocking lots of local works. 
The reason we'd headed up off track from Chinatown was to have breakfast at Cafe Trieste, where Coppola wrote The Godfather. The pastries were good, the tea lovely, and there are great old photos plastered all over the walls.
Heading back down towards Chinatown again, and you'll see two very distinctive buildings. The first is the green American Zoetrope building of Coppola's post production company, with Cafe Zoetrope below it. The second is the iconic Transamerica Pyramid building behind it. Sadly, since 9-11 you can no longer visit it's peak. Shame.
Strolling back through Chinatown, heading towards the city center again. Transam, ever present.
Back in the city and one of the beautiful cable buses and a cable car we caught down the hill on our last day. Well, you have to do it, right?! If you're in the center at Christmas time, Gumps is the hot tip I got from Ms Reynolds. Amazing mercury glass ornaments here. A few made it home with me, naturally! I thought Macy's might have had some nice ones, but sadly, all huge (and I hate the big ornaments) and quite tacky.
Then just past Union Square is MOMA and we pleasantly spend a few hours here looking at art.
What I've missed off from the posts, were any photos of Haight Street. Which is terrible as it's one of the best vintage shopping streets! It was raining, dark, and cold, and we didn't have much time there. A few places not to miss – Amoeba Music for CD's and records, Relic Vintage and La Rosa vintage boutiques, to name just two from a bunch on that street. Though somehow I didn't manage to find even one piece that I liked / fit me! Devo. Kind of an eclectic post, I realise, but I'm trying not to let the San Fran posts drag on too long, bear with me.

City Lights Books: 261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco.
Gumps: 135 Post Street, San Francisco.
Amoeba Music: 1855 Haight Street, San Francisco.
Relic Vintage: 1605 Haight Street, San Francisco.
La Rosa vintage boutique: 1711 Haight Street, San Francisco.

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