Monday, 7 January 2013

Ferry Building

Another day wondering about San Francisco's city center, catching up on what the American department stores have to offer. After that, a stroll down to the lovely Ferry Building, which has been converted into a shopping complex of all things awesome.
First things first, and lunch was in order. The place to eat is The Slanted Door, a favourite local Vietnamese restaurant, which was quite delicious. We made a friend as we sat at the bar, scoffed oysters and noodles.
The shopping plaza inside the building is lovely, filled with great things like gourmet bake goods from Miette. I also loved Heath Ceramics.
Far Wes Fungi: The San Francisco mushroom store was just fantastic.
The Slanted Door: 1 Ferry Building No. 3, San Francisco.
Heath Ceramics: 1 Ferry Building, San Francisco.
Far Wes Fungi: 1 Ferry Building, shop 34, San Francisco.

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