Friday, 25 January 2013

New Season's Tana Lawn

Time again to check out the new prints hot off the Liberty fabric press! I have to say, I'm not overly enamored by this latest rage. Some I quite like, as I've selected for this post, but nothing I really LOVE or must have. Shame. Though probably good for me, as I have a little stockpile of fabric's I've not yet done a thing with. Though, granted, I had collected the majority for wedding bunting, but then decided against it for fear of 'hokeyness'. That would be the technical term, yes. Needless to say, in the cupboard they remain...for now. I digress.
This rage is "‘The Flower Show’ is bursting with botanical prints! Influenced by inspirational visits to the Chelsea Flower Show, artistic collaborations and archival documents the collection celebrates one of our most signature and iconic patterns, the floral print, which we have been producing since the late 1870s. Well there are some very pretty patterns, but nothing really earth shattering. 
I think the main thing that irked me was the colour palette on a lot of the designs – quite vibrant and high-contrast. Maybe jsust a tad too bold for moi. Well, I'm sure they'll be snapped up at any rate. If you feel like snapping up a bargain, the Liberty winter sale is on, including fabric.

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