Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Fairmont & Top of the Mark

While in San Francisco we were super lucky to fluke a great deal on for the Fairmont Hotel. Loved the hotel. Very old school in it's ways and charm. And, did I mention the two-storey Christmas tree? Not to mention the two-storey gingerbread house behind that...which you can see on their site and featured in the local rag. For breakfast they do an amazing Pancakes Oscar. What is that, you ask? Well, as I found out, if's a stack of three huge (HUGE) pancakes, with a layer of meringue on top. Insane. They also have incredible (and equally as huge) lemon ricotta pancakes, and lots of savory food too, of course. 
One morning we headed next door to the Intercontinental's Top of the Mark breakfast with amazing views over the city.

The Fairmont: 950 Mason Street, San Francisco.
Top of the Mark:1 Nob Hill, San Francisco.

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