Monday, 4 February 2013

Saturday Perfection

Of course, a perfect Saturday in Amsterdam can only begin with a trip to the Ij Hallen flea market with my lovely hubby. So that's precisely what we did this weekend. Up early-ish we were on the ferry crossing the Ij to the North of Holland. Collecting a decent coffee from the new B Brood cafe just next to the ferry stop and good to go. Also worth noting, for those frequent Ij-Halleners out here, that there is now a Rabo back ATM on the side of this B Brood cafe. In case you run out of cash in your treasure hunting. This Saturday we lucked out, and there was a second hall of stalls set up today. Not sure why the bumper market, but you'll hear no complaints from me. Some, but not many, nice vintage furniture stalls, and some vase collections up for grabs but sadly nothing that fitted my very precise requirements as to shape, colour, graphics...   
After completing the first hall, we grabbed fix of poffertjes, and then were off for the second. Though Edu scoured a few promising record stores with frozen fingers, alas, no gold was found (but fear not, later that day there was success at a record store. Phew...). I found some Ij Hallen treasure (always...), just a little, but just enough. Amongst which were these two Simplex wood puzzles, of which I am always drawn to and have quite a little collection of now. Now cleaned and wrapped up, stashed away in my stairwell. And then a wooden stack-toy and a little Dick Bruna Boris the Bear.
I just loved the colours in the stack toy which cleaned up an absolute treat. And both look at home of my little nic-nac shelf in my crafty room, where I sit and wrote a lot of my posts. Speaking of which, best look for some fun stuff for this week. Happy Monday!

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