Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tuscan Paper

One thing the Tuscan's are famous for is fine hand made papers. We found a few nice paper stores, one, Il Papiro, was quite a chain with at least four stores in Florence alone offered live demonstrations on exactly how they make these gorgeous patterns.
The process is quite simple. There's a tray willed with a mixture of water and wallpaper glue. Ink is splattered over the surface of by tapping the brush. Then lines, swirls, etc., are drawn in the ink with a wooden stick. Or a some other tools used for consistent pattern making.
When the artist is happy with the design, a piece of paper is placed over the surface, any air bubbles removed, then it's carefully lifted up over a copper rod where the remaining glue is scraped off. The ink is set instantly. 
And hey presto! Fab paper!
They had some lovely printed paper, and textiles also. I couldn't resist a few cards.

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