Friday, 29 March 2013

Stig Lindberg

Friday. And after a long dull week I needed some fun and colour to cheer me up (aside from the mini cupcakes my husband got me, 'cause he is the best!). So where to go for a fix of happy? Ceramics, naturally. And to none other than the wonderful Stig Lindberg. So if you've had a shite week, and are in a similar TGIF mood, hopefully this brings a smile to your face also. Happy Friday!! I know some will have today off for Good Friday (lucky you), sadly I'm not among those of you baking Hot Cross Buns today. I have a nice little weekend trip planned, and I am counting down the hours until we board the plane! Adventure Saturday, here we come.
All these happy flowers and green leaves are giving me my spring fix that the weather of Amsterdam certainly is not at the moment. I left the office with some cheeky snowflakes in the air. When will this winter end?!
Ahhh, more happy plates and patterns.
 So bright and cheery! Love it. So enjoy and have a great Easter weekend all!

Thursday, 28 March 2013


New ad for Prada perfume by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Great British Bake Off Easter Masterclass

Who doesn't love Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood? Exactly, no one. We all do. From The Great British Bake Off fame, wonderful series, now follows with some Masterclass shows where Mary and Paul show us how to bake more goodies. I just caught their Easter special, where among other recipes there were these two beauties. One for Hot Cross Buns. With apple! New to me, but I might give it a burl. The other for quick and easy Easter biscuits the kids can make and decorate. Wonderful! And finally a recipe for good icing sugar! Thank you very much, Mary and Paul. Happy baking.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Fashion Shorts

Seems to be all the rage these days to release quirky videos for your fashion launch. Here are two I like, the first for Rachel Antonoff, directed by Lena Dunham.
The second, She Said, She Said is for LA's fashion label Co. Featuring two scorn lovers; Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez and written and directed by Stuart Blumberg.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Wax On

I love Etsy. There is a lot of crap on there, and sometimes it's hard to find the, today, is one such gem of pure gold. Liquid gold, in fact. These handmade bees wax candles by Pollen Arts are gorgeous. Pollen Arts are a husband and wife team, and you can read more about on Etsy where they were promoted on their Featured Sellers profiles. Pollen Arts have a blog; The Winnebago Diaries, fun blog and a good read.
I think it's such a cleaver idea to make casts of these gorgeous vintage bottles. And you really see the detail well when reproduced in this solid form.
More examples of their work. Well done, Pollen Arts! May your future burn bright!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Tammis Keefe

Today's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! As today is a special day I thought I'd share a special textile artist favourite: Tammis Keefe. Above, detail from a tea towel. You can read all about Tammis here where there's also a big gallery of her work.
 Horse and cacti handkerchief, here.
Circus handkerchief.
Detail form rooster and chicken tea towel.
 California Street cable car handkerchief.
 Detail from carousel horses handkerchief.
Bullfight handkerchief.
 Nubian handkerchief.
 Love this American baseball handkerchief.
Just adore this ferns and butterfly handkerchief. I think because the greens and the ferns remind me of home.
Gorgeous Christmas reindeer and Santa.
 Festive little holiday cheers handkerchief.
 Lovely lattice design table cloth with berries.
 Another cute Xmas handkerchief but I lost the link, somewhere on Etsy!
 Mushrooms, again, lost link...
 Linen tea towel of chairs.
 Lovely mermaids.
And some place mats. Again, lost link! But on Etsy. And that's it for lovely textiles today.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mjammie Koekjes

Look at these incredible cookies available right here in The Netherlands! They look just gorgeous! Love the Easter ones, almost too pretty to eat. Maaike is a fine baker who's opened up a shop on Etsy to sell her beautiful wares. I can't wait to start making use of her baking skills.
Beyond Easter-themed delights, Maaike has these sweet hearts, and I love the duckies and newborn cookies. A lovely gift for new mums. 
Lastly, more pretty heats and ice cream cones! These would be divine favours for any party; young and old alike, or just for pure indulgence. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.