Friday, 8 March 2013


Jadeite. I first  came across Jadeite in the spreads of Martha Stewart Living and instantly fell in love with it. Waxy simple forms in this translucent glass. Home guru Martha has a big collection of the stuff, as well as a piece on the history of Jadeite, and video about collecting it. I also found two nice Pinterst board on Jadeite here and here. It was already quite expensive when I was living in the USA, so I never actually bought any there, and the items I've found in Europe are either massive sets, or a one-off teacup, neither of which I really need. I like the canisters, but it really doesn't fit into my style that much. Above, set of three salt/condiment shakers found on Etsy, and below cup, saucer, and plate set, and cut and saucer.
 A nice sugar bowl and milk jug set. And plate below.
 Another sugar canister and little dish.
 A fab little lemon juicer, set of twin vases, and great deco salt and pepper set.
 Another great (but very expensive) jug and little candy dish.
And last of all this great little egg holder set! A note if you're searching for it, there seems to be two spellings, 'jadeite' and 'jadite'. The former seems to be the correct one (the one Martha uses...), but I saw a lot tagged with the latter.

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