Friday, 29 March 2013

Stig Lindberg

Friday. And after a long dull week I needed some fun and colour to cheer me up (aside from the mini cupcakes my husband got me, 'cause he is the best!). So where to go for a fix of happy? Ceramics, naturally. And to none other than the wonderful Stig Lindberg. So if you've had a shite week, and are in a similar TGIF mood, hopefully this brings a smile to your face also. Happy Friday!! I know some will have today off for Good Friday (lucky you), sadly I'm not among those of you baking Hot Cross Buns today. I have a nice little weekend trip planned, and I am counting down the hours until we board the plane! Adventure Saturday, here we come.
All these happy flowers and green leaves are giving me my spring fix that the weather of Amsterdam certainly is not at the moment. I left the office with some cheeky snowflakes in the air. When will this winter end?!
Ahhh, more happy plates and patterns.
 So bright and cheery! Love it. So enjoy and have a great Easter weekend all!

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