Friday, 22 March 2013

Tammis Keefe

Today's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me! As today is a special day I thought I'd share a special textile artist favourite: Tammis Keefe. Above, detail from a tea towel. You can read all about Tammis here where there's also a big gallery of her work.
 Horse and cacti handkerchief, here.
Circus handkerchief.
Detail form rooster and chicken tea towel.
 California Street cable car handkerchief.
 Detail from carousel horses handkerchief.
Bullfight handkerchief.
 Nubian handkerchief.
 Love this American baseball handkerchief.
Just adore this ferns and butterfly handkerchief. I think because the greens and the ferns remind me of home.
Gorgeous Christmas reindeer and Santa.
 Festive little holiday cheers handkerchief.
 Lovely lattice design table cloth with berries.
 Another cute Xmas handkerchief but I lost the link, somewhere on Etsy!
 Mushrooms, again, lost link...
 Linen tea towel of chairs.
 Lovely mermaids.
And some place mats. Again, lost link! But on Etsy. And that's it for lovely textiles today.

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