Friday, 5 April 2013


Sunday we were up early and headed out to the countryside for the day. First stop: Glendalough. Here we walked into a glacial valley in the Wicklow County. Gazing across the Upper Lake to snow capped mountains in the distance. Stunning. Amazing to be surrounded by mountains and the rawness of nature. Stark contrast from the flat of Holland.
A ballsy little bird and the forest sitting on bog land.
Wonderful winter colours as we make our way to the 6th century abbot settlement of St Kevin.
Walking about the ruins and gravestones, Edu saying "See if there's a 'Rafferty' here", nice thought, but quite unlikely and the thought quickly dismissed as the cold wind nipped at me from all directions.
Making our way back to civilization and heat what do I spy? ...oh, just a 'Rafferty' headstone!! What a fluke!
It reads: "Pray for the soul of Mary Rafferty, Lough Dan, Died the 6th of March 1863. And John Rafferty died 24th May 1914."
I assume they were husband and wife, by which John outlived poor Mary by 51 years! Shame it doesn't give their birth dates. Are they relatives? Could be. Longevity does run in my Dad's family. And in all my searching in souvenir stores over the weekend it was the only 'Rafferty' I ever came across. 

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