Monday, 27 May 2013

Before & After Stairs

Today I'm sharing my brand spanking new stairs! Yes! Hubby and I (ok, mostly Hubby) have been adding a bit of flair to our home. All the walls are white, which we like, but all-white stairs are a little dull and a little unsafe at night. Solution – fluorescent 'flaming red' paint make over!
The project seemed simple, but then, like most DIY home projects never quite is. First job went to Edu; sanding back the stairs ready for new paint. Second job, taping the edges went to yours truly (as pictured by husband-spy-cam), and then lastly Edu was back in to finish the job; the actual painting. Which took about six or seven coasts. We lost track. 
The result! Feature stairs that literally glow! A little more intense than we anticipated...maybe...but lots of fun and certainly brightened up a dull spot. Thanks to Edu for all the man-power – love you! x 

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