Friday, 17 May 2013

Flea Market x Three

Yes! Not one, but three flea markets on the weekend! Saturday: up reasonably early and grabbed us a great breakfast at Lafil tapas bar. There's a nice weekend tradition of all-day breakfast buffet's in Berlin, Edu and I noticed. Love it. So after filling up on chicken, cheese, salad, veggies and churros, it was off to the first market.
Number 1. This is the Berliner Troedelmarkt, was on the other side of town for us at Str des 17 Juni and Bachstr. Open Saturday and Sunday. It's lovely if you're looking for some proper antiques: silverware, embroidered linens, crockery, nic-nacks, etc. Not much really my cup of tea, and I came away empty handed (who'd have thought it possible...). Edu, on the contrary, did find treasure on the form of some records for his collection.
Number 2, starting below. This market is at Mauerpark, (Sunday's only)which I'd visited a few years back. Though I got the street name wrong. The market was good, but as I'm finding in Amsterdam these days, the flea markets are taken over by second hand clothe stalls and junk mostly. Grandma's goodies are hard to spy. I managed a nice vase, and was happy with that. Again, Mr Vinyl found some gold in the many extensive record stalls. Lucky him! I wish they'd been vase stalls.  
Short walk to Number 3: Troedelmarkt Arkonaplatz, Sunday only. Also a familiar market, this was the smallest of the markets, but the most selective. Pretty much every stall offered up some proper vintage items. The sun was beaming and here I scored another lovely vase and a mid-century geometric patterned pillowcase for a mere €1. 
This was the most incredible piece of furniture. It's called a 'kidney' table, as I learned from Miss Annette, for obvious reasons, and if I'd been able to fit it in my suitcase it would have made it home with me. What a piece! And what a great little market to end the trip on.

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