Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Last Queen's Day

Well, Queen's Day has come and gone. And it'll be the last any of us will experience for a while as with our new King, we shift to April 27 and 'King's Day'.
This year was quite a bit different from previous years. Edu and I were up early to go treasure hunting, but kind of forgot every Dutchie would be glued to the TV screen watching the royal greeting from the palace on Dam Square. That happened at 10:30am, and then slowly things began to warm up. Though there was no where near the amount of people selling on the streets compared to previous years.
So much so that Edu and I managed to walk from our home, through the Jordaan, to Museum Plein, then out to Apollo Laan in the Old South. Nice to explore a different area and loved it out there. Might make that our first stop next year.
Despite the subdued sellers, we of course managed to find some gold. My favourite piece was a vintage collapsible deck chair in great condition for €15. A modest haul for moi this time, but some nice items.
A lot of street food consumed. A lot of walking. And always, lots good fun.
Sadly, as you can see from the last picture, our view of the Royal boat cruise was rubbish. Huge barges blocked off the entire area and we saw nothing. Watched it on the telly though. And now, back to work!

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