Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Craft Project Is Born

In an effort to de-clutter the house I'm being pretty ruthless with my big stash of craft supplies and fabric stash (along with clothes, vases, shoes, handbags...). Lots of which is going to Ij Hallen this weekend (check Friday's post for more details). But there are some things I can't bring myself to part with. And for those, I've adopted a 'use it or lose it' rule. Point in case; a set of felt swatches I picked up in Massachusetts years ago with my friend Holly. At the time I had big plans for some felt bags, but with work and battling a Dutch Visa, time went by and the colour swatches just remained in a draw. The colours are fantastic – so bright and lovely – much nicer than what I've found in my local craft suppliers in Amsterdam.
So I've spent some time pondering on what to do with all these little swatches, I've been at a loss for a while as they're such small pieces. But Ricochet has provided inspiration. The plan: finger puppets! The swatches are the perfect size, and I can use up these and my other stash of felt in the process. Felt is just the best. I remember I had a felt mobile as a child with animals (or it might have been I remember it in my sisters room), I'm pretty sure my mum made it. The only animal I can picture is a giraffe. I think that'll be my first puppet. I did think a mobile would be nice, but I have a gorgeous one I picked up in Australia a few years ago with Aussie animals. Along with some honeycomb paper decorations, so future child is all set for hanging amusement. I've ben wanting to do some crafting for the baby I've also been thinking of making some sock monkey's, but I think I maxed out of them over the years. And weirdly, after making over about 300, I only ever kept one for myself! But it's a very special one.
Hopefully it's a nice little crafty project I can pick up while taking it easy during the pregnancy, and if I ever have a moment to myself after Ricochet's arrival. Yes, I hear you parents out there scoffing at such a notion...but here's hoping. I've drawn on Etsy for some great finger puppet inspiration. Though, I have to say the most amazing ones I found are Karl (top), and William and Kate (above), from Mullish Muse. There's a whole bunch of celebrities there. Super fun, check it out. For myself, I think I'll keep it basic for little Ricochet. Not knowing the gender is good also, I think it'll make me keep a nice balance of animals, dinosaurs, butterflies, characters, etc., in the mix. However a Catalan donkey and Australian kangaroo are happening for sure. Wish me luck! Posts on progress to follow soon I hope.

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