Tuesday, 25 June 2013

And Begin

Big news to share today, on a very personal level; Edu and I are expecting a baby! We just had our 20 week scan yesterday, and are officially half-way through the pregnancy. Woohoo! Baby passed with flying colours. What a good child. So far, so good. Some wonky moments in the first trimester battling nausea and extreme exhaustion, but trimester two is going pretty well. It's been an interesting experience so far, and I know this is just the tip of the iceberg of things to come. Are we ready? Of course not! But who ever is?
Blog posts haven't been as regular as I'd have liked this year, mostly down to being exhausted from making little 'Ricochet' (this is our nickname for the baby; whose sex we're keeping a surprise). I've had to call it a day pretty early at times, so this makes for short days and not much time left outside of work for the blog. That, and weekends have been filled with trips to Ikea and Prenatal for all things baby-related.
I'll try and keep the baby-related posts to a minimum, just every now and then as usual – promise!  But, things are indeed going to change in the house. As well as getting all things baby in, I'm busy getting all unwanted things out. Massive clearance! Which means I'll be selling this weekend at beloved Ij Hallen again. Can't wait! Hope the weather gods are kind to me. Not sure if I'll be there Saturday, Sunday, or both (depends really on the weather) so more info on Friday. As I type Ricochet is busy kicking me. It's both the strangest and yet most comforting feeling. I think s/he is excited for Ij Hallen. I hope to see lots of familiar faces there :)  Lel x

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