Monday, 3 June 2013

Saturday Treasure Hunt

Well, it's that time again – Ij Hallen time! Saturday was the first outdoor market of the year, ad in blustery, chilly conditions Edu and I headed out. This time treasure-hunting wasn't the main focus, though of course, treasure was found. Thing is, we're clearing out a bunch of stuff at home. Well, mostly I am, and I'll be selling at the next Ij Hallen which is the end of June. Second time around for me! Stay tuned for which day – it'll depend on the weather. But there's a bunch of clothes, shoes, bags, vases, and kids toys that I need to find good homes for. So Saturday was more about checking out the lay of the land from a seller's point of view.  
I have to say, I was actually a bit disappointed with Ij Hallen this time. Usually very varied, I found the majority of stalls were just clothes. Maybe a sign of the economy, who knows. Anyway, first up on the treasure list: little mid-century tray. Perfect for my dining table; €6.
 A bright orange lava vase. Nice and tall, €10.
Find of the day – something I was actually looking for – two vintage collapsable camping stools! I want these for when I have my stall – standing all day can be tough. And these little beauties were just €4 a pop.
Last, but no least, a home made kids horse pull toy. I know... I am quite addicted. But he was too cute to not bring home at €2. And his head reminded me of my childhood hobby horse my Dad made us kids.  
A meager haul, but a happy girl. And I'll keep you posted on when the lovely Ms Sam and I will be selling there at the end of the month. We'll be posting on Instragram also – so follow for a live feed of the action :)

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