Friday, 14 June 2013

Weekend Goings On

The sun is meant to be out this weekend, and there's lots going on I thought I'd share. First up: Costa Del Soul is on this Saturday and Sunday at Blijburg if you're looking for a beach party fix make sure you get your tickets. It's a nice bike ride, or direct tram from Central Station there.
Sunday, if you're looking for some fab food, the NeighbourFood Market is on again in Westerpark with a special manly Father's Day feast. "Smoking barbecues, pig on the spit, smoked elk, wild oysters and sausage on the stick. Forgotten vegetables and pure ingredients without frills. Everything in a sauce of masculinity. The axe and wood blocks are ready for existing urban lumberjacks. All men are welcome!" Women, too, naturally. 

All in all a fab weekend by the looks of it!

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