Thursday, 11 July 2013

As You Do

I've started knitting. Inspired by my very talented knitter friend, the lovely Miranda, who was just in town visiting. She can whip up the most amazing garments for wee folk and encouraged me to give it a burl – "It's like coding; it's all 0's and 1's." Ok, cool. I can't code, but I get the principal. So with new found confidence I contacted my local knitting store, Werldraad, who happened to have a cafe night the following eve where you can take a private lesson. So, first things first; jump onto Etsy and search for nice vintage knitting patterns for babies. Download on payment (mine were all from the same store and approx USD $1.80 a pop – sweet!), and printed three options to take along with me (figuring the ones in store would be all in Dutch, which of course they were). Of my three options my teacher, Anna, asked me which I preferred, and I said the blue romper. Looked straight forward enough. Anna said no problem. And we began. More technical than I imagined for lesson 1, I learned how to cast on Scandinavian style, knit, purl, and add stitches. I showed Miranda my pattern and efforts on friday, to which I got a cute yet quizzical smile and an 'Ambitious'... slightly concerned... but figure I've got to dive in at some point! Knitting scarves will only get me so far in life and the aim of the game was to learn to be able to read, understand, and execute an actual pattern. So I'm sticking with the first notion from M, and "'s all 0's and 1's" is my mantra. Wish me luck, I think I'll be needing it. It's mean to be for a 3-6 month old baby, so here's also to me getting it finished while Ricochet still can wear it. Below, a Instagram picture from another fab cruise last Friday night.

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