Monday, 12 August 2013


Hi-Ho! We interrupt this holiday report to bring you an important announcement... today marks my 1000th blog post! Woo-hoo! I have to say I didn't have much of a plan when I started the blog and it's turned out to be a heck of a lot of work trying to get a daily post up of either something interesting I've seen, done, or is happening in Amsterdam, and I don't always make it. It was just a way to have friends and family back home closer to Lelly life over in Amsterdam, and it's grown now to be a complete diary of my life. I convert it to a printed book every year via Blurb and it'll be a nice little legacy for the family one day, and a great read when Edu and I are old and grey. There's so much that you forget happens in life, and I'm very glad all my Adventure Saturday's with Edu, travels, interests, and life events are recorded here. Long live the blog, I say! :) If you follow this at all, thanks for reading, it's very much appreciated. Love, Lel x

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