Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Weekend In Paris

Heading back to Amsterdam we stopped off in Paris. Saturday taking in lots of very Parisian sights, walking a lot, loving the slightly cooler temperature from the coast. We didn't do much shopping, save for one comic book store where both Edu and I fell prey to our addictions; comic book for him, children's book for me. I did have a peek in one lovely looking vintage store called Mam'zelle Swing, but in my current state it was impossible to try anything on. We stayed at the Pulitzer Paris having found a good deal online, which was nice, but in a shocking location. I can't say I'd recommend it... bit disappointed with that. Oh well, live and learn!
 Sunday, up early for my favourite thing – the flea market!
We started off at the usual place: Porte de Clingnancourt, but then quickly decided to move onto the more affordable flea market down the road, with more mid-century pieces. On the way we discovered a new little cluster of shops including Habitat's vintage warehouse; Habitat 1964. Interesting to see, but thing really leapt out at us and it was a bit sparse.
The flea market of St Ouen is more my style. More relaxed, owners are less arrogant about their stalls, and I feel it's a bit more down-to-Earth in general.
A quick lunch and then time to explore. Maybe were were unlucky, maybe we're more discerning, but time was drawing to an end and we had naught to show for our day at the market. But, all was not lost! Tucked away in a corner was a little vintage store I'd visited last trip, and I wanted to show Edu. Full to the brim with vintage designer fashion; les Mervilles de Babellou. Amazing. So much fun to flick through the racks and let your fingers run over vintage Chanel. I had a look at the price tags, all fairly hefts, as one would expect, then I came across a red-orange crepe dress with bright abstract shapes. Gorgeous... Never-been-worn... Dior... €100... wait, what?! But the biggest shocker was that it FIT. Bump and all! God bless elastic wait-bands. So, I snatched that up, obviously! Very happy with my one find. I think it must have been the cheapest thing in the entire store. Lady luck was kind indeed.
An our day was done, and our vacation done. Time to make our way to the train station and speed back to Amsterdam. Lovely relaxing trip.

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