Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Today we return to regular blogging, and back to the France trip. Last day trip was to Bayonne. An easy 30 minute train ride up the road from Saint-Jean-de-Luz (trains run every hour or so). The day was hot. And as we discovered the French don't do air conditioning in restaurants. Usually not a problem, but for this pregnant lady it mean the heat was quite relentless. We arrived around lunch and made a bee-line to a lovely restaurant along the Nive river.  
After  lazy lunch, we meandered though the little streets, visited the cathedral, and just took in the general atmosphere.
Very pretty, especially with the remains of the previous week's town festivities in Basque country green, red, and white were still up on show.

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Chris Rees said...

You're having a baby! That's pretty damn exciting! Congratulations Demelza & Edu!