Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Back home after a week away on the Basque French coast! Amazing weather, food, and sights. Lots of rest and relaxation. We arrived late at late evening to our hotel in Saint-Jean_de-Luz (more on that in a following post), and Monday we headed off for a gentle day trip up the coat to buzzing seaside town of Biarritz
A very classic old-school looking beach resort town. It was pretty busy and crowded though, and I'm glad we followed the advice of a colleague to stay a little further down the road.
Wondering along the coast to our lunch destination, Chez Albert. Really good seafood.
And some beach craziness. Kind of like the Bondi of France, I think, as the area is known for it's surfs. Though the waves looked pretty piddly to me... I was loving the umbrella tents below though! So pretty.

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