Monday, 19 August 2013

Can Roca

Special. Last weekend in Girona was a special. Edu and I had two weddings; an official ceremony in Amsterdam (short and sweet, in a brewery, in the middle of the red light...) on July 10th, and on August 25th (a big celebration with all our friends and family in Spain). For our one year anniversary I took Edu to Can Roca, for dinner on combination wedding date; August 10th. Not just any restaurant, but a Michelin star restaurant that (amazingly) was names #1 restaurant in the world between when I booked and when we went. And I booked 13 months earlier. What foresight from future-wife! But, knowing my future-husband well, I know the things that would make my man the happiest is food :)
So, we rocked up at 9pm ready for the fun. And it was pretty fun. The staff started out pretty straight and a bit stiff, but gradually they warmed up. It's impossible to go through every dish; too many that would be too hard to explain. I put in a few highlights; above top, which was a taste-around-the-world. Little parcels that were hard or soft to pop in your mouth whole and have the contents be a surprise. Fantastic. Above; nod to Catalan food with their take on olives and anchovies hanging from olive branches.
The majority of the courses were fish or seafood. Above; mackrel in a pretty glass dish, and below sea urchin in a broth with various seaweeds in a ceramic half sea urchin shell, that is supped by a ceramic rock. Each dish had it's own unique presentation service ware. We spoke to the staff and a lot is custom-made. And apparently a lot is stolen each year!! Hard to imagine people going to a a Michelin restaurant would pinch service ware off the table, but apparently they do... I guess they wanted a momento beyond photos or the cookbook. Cheeky.
One of the meat courses; pork over coals and hay. The utensil on the side we had a few times; big tweezers that looked the just came out of a science lab.
This dish was by far the most bizaare. It was a dessert of ice cream with mini marshmallows, on a salty caramel base. The 'dish' it sat on was a kind of plastic, that moved, making the desert move up and down... weird, and wonderful.
Another favourite dessert was this ice cream macaroon. So so good. We were also treated to a special dish; complete with a candle marking our 1st anniversary! Finally, when we thought we couldn't fit a another single bite more in, the dessert trolly – straight out of Willy Wonker's Factory – was wheeled over. Ayy... All in all, amazing food, theatre, and experience in general. Thank you, Can Roca. And happy anniversary, Dudu xxx

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