Friday, 9 August 2013


What a glorious spot to spend a week! Saint-Jean-de-Luz was recommended to me by a colleague who comes from the region instead of staying in Barritz, and I'm so so glad we did. It's a super quaint town, perfect size for a few days, a small seaside town packed with people and energy, so anything but sleepy. But for sure without the brashness of Biarritz. And hills. I was very thankful for this, as my pregnant body dictated a lot of what we did this trip, or rather didn't. For the first time we actually 'relaxed' and say by the beach... shocking.
We took some longer walks; up to this vantage point to look out to sea, down over the cliffs. But that was enough, especially as the sun started to juice up for the day. One day reaching a whopping 39 degrees! We had some lovely meals at local restaurants, namely Chez Kako, and then the more up-market for lunch at Le Brouillarta.
Our hotel, Grand Hotel Loreamar Thalasso Spa, was classic old school beach resort style. A little dated thought Edu, but I loved the charm of it. And we both came to love the air-conditioning. One important tip we got from friends was not to swim at the sea side. This is due to high pollution, and it's a very closed-off body of water, and a friend advised completely against it in my state. Luckily for us the hotel had a treated sea-water pool. So we swam there. Which was heaven. Even treated ourselves to a massage one afternoon! The spa offered pregnancy massages, so I was one happy girl.
Not a huge amount in the way of shopping, but that wasn't the aim. Two stores of note were Papa Pique et Maman Coud; products featuring the French's answer to Liberty's prints. Where I happily found a much sought-after bag for my knitting, and a new passport wallet. Happiness! Also at the divine Iban for vintage linens, clothes, and baby clothes. Picked up Ricochet two little white shirts that will work for either sex, and a much needed fan for me. One of those items I keep forgetting to pack and thus repeat purchasing.
Fab place, highly recommend it. A great base to do day trips up and down the coast to explore the Basque reason... or not! Sitting by the seaside under umbrellas on stripped classic deck chairs was just perfect too.

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