Friday, 16 August 2013

Weekend in Girona

Another weekend another trip! Seems a little excessive all this travel, but this particular trip was booked 13 months ago. Thing is, this was a special weekend; it was my 1st anniversary present for Edu. More of that next post.
The weekend pace was slow, as my belly dictates these days. We met Edu's parents for breakfast and walk slowly through the town.
Came across this sculpture by Subirachs, my favourite!
Sunday wondered the streets and took in the easy Sunday vibe.
Took a visit to the old baths; Els Banys Arabs de Girona. Only €2! And you get a lovely rooftop vantage point view.
The view as I sat and wrote postcards home to the family above. Loved the tiles.
Treasure was found at the one store we ducked into as I bought postcards. A set of three vintage children's books on Catalan customs. However, on getting them home and reading them, they turn out to be quite religious... They were printed in the mid 50s, when Catalan was usually banned, these were allowed by the censor, the sensors always being priests. Thus, you get your traditions, but with a hefty dose of religion to go along with it. And, a few more advertising fans for the collection.

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