Monday, 30 September 2013


For those who missed it, the Unseen Photo Fair was on the last few days. Amazing stuff. I went with a lovely bunch of gals from mostly from work, our first stop; Inside Out by JR. The project is like a photo booth on a massive scale. The photos have then been printed large format and posted all the way around the exhibition space with stunning results.
From there we headed to the main exhibition hall passing a few pop-up green houses from Foam, to smaller exhibitions, the Unseen shop, and even an oyster bar.
So, after seeing all these amazing pieces of artwork, what would I have happily taken home with me? Three pieces really appealed, first one being above's beautiful concrete structure in water, that I forgot to note the name of the artist or gallery of... bugger. And the two below pieces from the Wim Van Krimpen Gallery by photographer Tanja Deman's Collective Narratives series which I just love to death. The first two shown below I just adore.
 More from her series –

Friday, 27 September 2013

Mr Printables

Fun and games at home for the kiddly winks today. I've noticed a lot of pins of Mr Printables on Pinterest, but never really clicked through to find out more. Friday I did, and discovered an absolute treasure trove of gorgeous free downloadable templates for kids crafts, and more! I had some friends over on the weekend with kids and printed off these bird templates as a test run – they went down a treat. Super fun. 
So many little time... These 3D letters are also lovely. I might be printing off Ricochet's name when s/he arrives for the nursery.
There's a really big variety of templates: from egg cups, to Halloween, to geometric shapes, to learning games, gift box templates, and more. Great for us in Europe heading into long grey and rainy days, and for those back home in Oz, with school holiday's just around the corner. Mr Printables also had a lovely blog with wonderful inspiration for kids toys, games, advent calendars, decor, and lots lots more. It'll be a few years before Ricochet and I can be crafting up a storm together, but I have some friend out there who I know will be head over heels for these (Liv, Nic... :)).

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Art! Leah Giberson has graced the Tiny Showcase gallery with another of her sublime artworks. The print of this super slick and sexy airstream trailer is up for grabs now. But chop chop, at USD $40, this limited edition of 100 prints of "Untitled Trailer" is high-taling it outta there fast.

The Human Body

Stop motion paper treat today: The Human Body by Kelli Anderson. It's to promote a great educational app on the body. You can check our her blog here for more about this video's production. Nice on, Kelli.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Monday, 23 September 2013

Wedding Bells in Berlin

Two weekends ago I Edu and I were in Berlin for a flying visit for a friend's wedding. The wedding was pure perfection; the bride a producer with immaculate taste, so I expected no less. The sun shone down on our beloved petite German fairy; fun and sugar-rushes had by all. On the way home Sunday we had a couple of hours to kill between arriving back in Berlin from our country castle retreat (seriously fab) until our flight so figuring most of the city centre would be closed we high-tailed it to Trodelmarkt Arkonaplatz for the second time this year for a treasure hunt and cafe lunch. Edu managed to find some vinyl treasure and I found a few little trinket boxes (pictured) for my jewellery box, and for sewing needles and pins, and two lovely vintage children's books. Today is marks my first day of maternity leave (yay!!), so I'll be busy translating these from French and German soon – thank goodness for Google Translate – along with a few other irresistible books I've picked up the last few years. A fabulous weekend with friends and my man; my last flight and bit of travel for a while. Now I'm grounded in Amsterdam until little Ricochet arrives...

Friday, 20 September 2013

Palace Bussaco

Part three of our trip; the grand finale! Our trip to Portugal was decided on receiving a rather spectacular wedding invitation from Edu's ex-Crispin-partner. He's Portuguese, his bride to be American, and they were going to tie the knot in Luso. Oh, did I mention it was to take place in a palace. In the crazy beautiful Bussaco Palace. Take a gander. Talk about your next-level fairy-tale wedding. Had us a fab time – thanks Lauren and Nuno!