Monday, 9 September 2013


Just down the road from Lisbon is Belèm – again, second time around for moi. Edu and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in Lisbon and Belém; first off with a breakfast of champions at the birthplace of the original Portuguese tart; Pastéis de Belèm. Edu and I polished off three tarts each... and then another three. Absolutely delicious! After breaky we headed to Sintra for the afternoon, but more on that tomorrow. We came back to Belèm a few days later, and checked out the Belèm Tower and also the Monument to Discoveries; where Edu went to the top of monument and snapped a few pics looking down at yours truly (who was too hot and tired and lazy bum to take a trip to the top).
If you're looking for a nice terrace with great food, check out Darwin's Café. Lovely fish lunch, then we lounged on the deck and read for another hour while Edu and I sipped Irish Coffee and Shirley Temples, respectively. Bliss.

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