Monday, 30 September 2013


For those who missed it, the Unseen Photo Fair was on the last few days. Amazing stuff. I went with a lovely bunch of gals from mostly from work, our first stop; Inside Out by JR. The project is like a photo booth on a massive scale. The photos have then been printed large format and posted all the way around the exhibition space with stunning results.
From there we headed to the main exhibition hall passing a few pop-up green houses from Foam, to smaller exhibitions, the Unseen shop, and even an oyster bar.
So, after seeing all these amazing pieces of artwork, what would I have happily taken home with me? Three pieces really appealed, first one being above's beautiful concrete structure in water, that I forgot to note the name of the artist or gallery of... bugger. And the two below pieces from the Wim Van Krimpen Gallery by photographer Tanja Deman's Collective Narratives series which I just love to death. The first two shown below I just adore.
 More from her series –

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