Monday, 23 September 2013

Wedding Bells in Berlin

Two weekends ago I Edu and I were in Berlin for a flying visit for a friend's wedding. The wedding was pure perfection; the bride a producer with immaculate taste, so I expected no less. The sun shone down on our beloved petite German fairy; fun and sugar-rushes had by all. On the way home Sunday we had a couple of hours to kill between arriving back in Berlin from our country castle retreat (seriously fab) until our flight so figuring most of the city centre would be closed we high-tailed it to Trodelmarkt Arkonaplatz for the second time this year for a treasure hunt and cafe lunch. Edu managed to find some vinyl treasure and I found a few little trinket boxes (pictured) for my jewellery box, and for sewing needles and pins, and two lovely vintage children's books. Today is marks my first day of maternity leave (yay!!), so I'll be busy translating these from French and German soon – thank goodness for Google Translate – along with a few other irresistible books I've picked up the last few years. A fabulous weekend with friends and my man; my last flight and bit of travel for a while. Now I'm grounded in Amsterdam until little Ricochet arrives...

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