Thursday, 31 October 2013

Still Call Australia Home

Today a little slice of Australia comes to Holland in the form of my parents! Here for the immanent arrival of their first grandchild, 'Ricochet' (working title). Can't wait to have them here, to see how huge I am, and to fetch me stuff while I stay stranded like a beached whale on the couch! Hahaha.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Zoo Reaches Maximum Capacity

The zoo is completed! These are the last little bits of felt swatches I had to use up for my finger puppet craft project. Final members are; pink poodle, snake, gorilla, hippo, lobster, and jellyfish.
22 little ones in all, and I'm pretty happy with the result. Actually mostly happy to have just completed a craft project (you know how they can go...). A little sad that it's over, but motivated to move onto my next project that's probably been laying dormant for a good few months. And here you have the whole happy little zoo family –

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hilda Hellström

Welcome to the vibrant marbled world of Hilda Hellström. Hilda is a Swedish artist-designer living and working in London. I completely adore her art and products and just want all of it all around me all the time.
From Sight Unseen; "For her RCA thesis and eventual breakout project, London-based designer Hilda Hellström developed vases made from layers of pigmented Jesmonite, a non-toxic acrylic-based plaster often used in ceilings and restoration work, that she manipulates to look like “some sort of fantastical stone.” You can read more about Hilda on Sight Unseen.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Parlor Tattoo Prints

I'd love to get a tattoo. I really would. I even know exactly what I'd get and where. But there are a few things stopping me (mostly my mother and husband would disown me). So instead I'm content to admire tattoo art from afar. Take these beautiful classic tattoo flash art prints, for example. Super nice, and no pain or guilt! They're from Parlor Tattoo Prints via Etsy.


Friday, 25 October 2013

Who's A Pretty Birdy?

Budgies! Beautiful felt budgies by UK artist Jantze Tullett. Jantze has lots of lovely work, but these little guys I just fell for. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bling-tastic Shourouk

If over-the-top bling is your thing, then look no further than the sassy gemstones of Parisian brand Shourouk. Bright colours, bold over-the-top designs, and of course an ridiculous abundance of sparkle. Heaven.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Four More In The Zoo

Four more zoo friends for the collection; crocodile, bee, butterfly, and chicken. Only six more little guys left to make then my felt is all used up! But happy my zoo project is getting done. Previous zoo additions; round one, round two, and round three. So many other projects to get done, so little time...!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Don't Puke On Your Dad

New Zealand designer, art director, and comic book illustrator extraordinaire Toby Morris has done it again. Another captivating book picturing life as it happens – this time as a new dad. I had the pleasure of working with Toby when he lived in Amsterdam, when he published his first book Alledaags – observations on Amsterdam life. A must for any expat who's ever lived in Amsterdam. So I was thrilled when Edu brought home this latest installment of Toby magic. The video below shows the man in action as he draws and designs the launch party poster for the book. It's shot by Toby's equally talented photographer wife, Sonya Nagels, and is just gorgeous.
Don't Puke on Your Dad launch from Beatnik Publishing on Vimeo.

With his second book we follow Toby's first year of fatherhood in hilarious – though I have to say sometimes terrifying for a soon-to-be-parent – illustrations that left my husband and I thinking "my goodness...what have we done?!" But it all ends well, and in fact, Toby's just become a dad for the second time around, so I'm looking forward to what family life might inspire next from him. Congrats, Toby, on another beautiful book, and another beautiful baby! Lots of love from Amsterdam.
You can buy the book for a mere NZ $29.99 / €18.60 + S&H. What a steal.

Monday, 21 October 2013


This weekend I finally finally made it to the Pixar exhibition – celebrating 25 years of animation. Totally amazing (what else?!) and so very happy I went. There are over 500 original artworks from the Pixar Animation Studios archive and it takes a look at what are some of the biggest animation classics produced; Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, and Up. The most incredible thing there was the Toy Story zoetrope, you can see it in the video above, but in real life it's even more impressive. If you haven't seen the exhibition, you have a few days left. Exhibition closes the end of this coming weekend, the 27th, book tickets online (time-coded entry) and to beat the queues.

Friday, 18 October 2013


They eyes have it. Well, they have me, anyway. Loving these cat-eye toys! I just came across this brand, Naef, with a sterling selection of simple wooden children's toys. Naef has been around since 1954, so no wonder their mid-century style aesthetic. You can read about their history online.
These horses are delightful.
And the animal block puzzle is super nice; so graphic.
Lastly, there's this classic Bauhaus building blocks set. Just gorgeous.  

Thursday, 17 October 2013

New Species

Today the zoo branches out into reptiles and insects with the addition of a happy little frog and lady bug. Adding to it's established animal collection; a koala and tiger. Still A lot of felt left...though more challenging colours but project finger puppet for my Ricochet is going according to plan.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

All Of A Piece

All of a Piece is a clever set of modular tableware. Designed by the Earnest Studio and Canadian born Dana Cannam Design"The series comprises a flat tray, a shallow bowl, a candleholder and an endcap, each made of marble, granite, and wood. From the smallest trivet, to the largest dining table centerpiece, materials and forms can be interchanged using invisible magnetic connections. A fifth part—an LED light source—can be inserted between modules, adding atmosphere and utility to every arrangement." Pretty swell! I think this would compliment any table very well.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Love From Wellington

My gorgeous hubby returned from his work trip to Wellington, New Zealand, on Sunday – yay!! So good to have him back home after a very long two weeks away. He didn't come back empty handed either. I was showered with gifts and every single one was very very 'Lelly' and something I totally would have purchased myself. One stand-out store for Edu's vintage treasure finds was Unearthed. Here he found the bunting above (the owner has a collection; girl after my own heart!), the Skippy puzzle, and orange elephant toy below.
Also at Unearthed, these brilliant vintage fabrics! Three tea towels in never-used mint condition; Native Birds of New Zealand, Australian Fauna, and Historic Tasmania! The Taroona shot tower is even featured on the Tassie one (my home suburb). But the most special was this beautiful Australia tablecloth. Fantastic detail with pictures covering the map of all the splendors of Australia. Just magical.  There was also a vintage Mother Goose Little Golden Book, a Tasmanian souvenir fork, and board games in the haul.
But wait! More fabric treasure! Edu also picked up a beautiful selection of textiles from Stitchbird Fabrics. Featuring hippos, foxes, fairy tales, tattoo art, Kiwi's, and more. Some from the same textile designer I've purchased before. Now I just need to wait and see if little Ricochet is a boy or girl so I can start making some projects with these. Too exciting.
Rummaging in a bookstore, Edu picked up this beautifully illustrated book, a contemporary New Zealand title, as well as a Tasmanian tale. I can't wait to get reading.
So so spoiled. My hubby knows me very very well indeed. There were also gifts of a fluffy toy Kiwi for Frank*, the softest bamboo and cotton baby toy and banket for Ricochet, and for my foodie fix; Tim Tams (classic AND fancy limited edition!), locally made New Zealand honey and chocolate, and my beloved Milo (that I haven't had in years). And after all that I still feel like I missed something off... Wowzers, right?! A big hunk of home was stashed in that suitcase of his and brought back to me. Thank you, Edu, for being so amazing! X

*Frank is our platypus. He now has 'Stevie the Kiwi' as a friend. Those two weirdo's will get on great.