Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Don't Puke On Your Dad

New Zealand designer, art director, and comic book illustrator extraordinaire Toby Morris has done it again. Another captivating book picturing life as it happens – this time as a new dad. I had the pleasure of working with Toby when he lived in Amsterdam, when he published his first book Alledaags – observations on Amsterdam life. A must for any expat who's ever lived in Amsterdam. So I was thrilled when Edu brought home this latest installment of Toby magic. The video below shows the man in action as he draws and designs the launch party poster for the book. It's shot by Toby's equally talented photographer wife, Sonya Nagels, and is just gorgeous.
Don't Puke on Your Dad launch from Beatnik Publishing on Vimeo.

With his second book we follow Toby's first year of fatherhood in hilarious – though I have to say sometimes terrifying for a soon-to-be-parent – illustrations that left my husband and I thinking "my goodness...what have we done?!" But it all ends well, and in fact, Toby's just become a dad for the second time around, so I'm looking forward to what family life might inspire next from him. Congrats, Toby, on another beautiful book, and another beautiful baby! Lots of love from Amsterdam.
You can buy the book for a mere NZ $29.99 / €18.60 + S&H. What a steal.

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