Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Love From Wellington

My gorgeous hubby returned from his work trip to Wellington, New Zealand, on Sunday – yay!! So good to have him back home after a very long two weeks away. He didn't come back empty handed either. I was showered with gifts and every single one was very very 'Lelly' and something I totally would have purchased myself. One stand-out store for Edu's vintage treasure finds was Unearthed. Here he found the bunting above (the owner has a collection; girl after my own heart!), the Skippy puzzle, and orange elephant toy below.
Also at Unearthed, these brilliant vintage fabrics! Three tea towels in never-used mint condition; Native Birds of New Zealand, Australian Fauna, and Historic Tasmania! The Taroona shot tower is even featured on the Tassie one (my home suburb). But the most special was this beautiful Australia tablecloth. Fantastic detail with pictures covering the map of all the splendors of Australia. Just magical.  There was also a vintage Mother Goose Little Golden Book, a Tasmanian souvenir fork, and board games in the haul.
But wait! More fabric treasure! Edu also picked up a beautiful selection of textiles from Stitchbird Fabrics. Featuring hippos, foxes, fairy tales, tattoo art, Kiwi's, and more. Some from the same textile designer I've purchased before. Now I just need to wait and see if little Ricochet is a boy or girl so I can start making some projects with these. Too exciting.
Rummaging in a bookstore, Edu picked up this beautifully illustrated book, a contemporary New Zealand title, as well as a Tasmanian tale. I can't wait to get reading.
So so spoiled. My hubby knows me very very well indeed. There were also gifts of a fluffy toy Kiwi for Frank*, the softest bamboo and cotton baby toy and banket for Ricochet, and for my foodie fix; Tim Tams (classic AND fancy limited edition!), locally made New Zealand honey and chocolate, and my beloved Milo (that I haven't had in years). And after all that I still feel like I missed something off... Wowzers, right?! A big hunk of home was stashed in that suitcase of his and brought back to me. Thank you, Edu, for being so amazing! X

*Frank is our platypus. He now has 'Stevie the Kiwi' as a friend. Those two weirdo's will get on great.

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