Friday, 11 October 2013

Snakes Alive!

There is a benefit to being a fabric and craft materials hoarder. When the time in your life comes to making door snakes, you have everything you need! Right down to snake-eye buttons! Fantastic. This has been on my to-do list since about last winter when everything in site froze in Amsterdam, including our water pipes, and the bitterly cold air from outside was sucked straight up the stairs and into the house. With baby on the way, a drafty house is not an option this year. So I embarked on a little internet research for door snakes, found one I quite liked the look of, then tried to make a modified pattern in the style I liked for myself. It's not the most amazing job; but it does the trick. And our new door snakes are decidedly snakey. As they should be. Hope they don't scare the baby as it grows up.
I made three in total. All the same, except for the eyes. A fun little project, and adds a bit more personality into the house than a boring old tube draft stopper, I think.
Here are my guys; all huddled together, then in action. Go, little snake, go! Stop that draft!

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