Monday, 14 October 2013

Until We Meet Again, Ij Hallen

Last Saturday was a special day for me and my beloved Ij Hallen. With Ricochet's arrival a month from Saturday, and with the new and uncharted territory of our pending parenthood looming, there's no telling when I might make it back to the market. It'll be a good few months or a solid half year, I figure. I went along by myself to be fast as pregnancy isn't letting me walk much these days, so a quick drive-by perusing speed was essential today. Luckily I have trained eyes from years of market visits under my belt. A bit of a moldy old grey day, but the store quality was much better than it was last visit; when it just seemed to be all second hand clothes, second hand clothes, and then more crappy old clothes. I was not amused and feared this was the end of the market as I knew it.
This weekend; my hopes were rekindled. There were some nice stores outside right form the get go. But, just for a change, let's focus on what I didn't buy Saturday. I did not purchase an aircraft flight box going for €30 each or two for €50. Had I been able to carry one on my own, I would have. Same goes for the very nice used bowling pins the seller had. I've always thought they make great decoration, but again, quite heavy. Consulted the bump, and even with my trusty granny wheely-cart by my side, the bump said 'no', and we moved on. 
Inside, it was nice and cosy and away from the wind. Already pretty packed at 10:30am when I arrived. and again there were two halls set up either side of the outdoor stall area instead of just one. I went left to start with.
Getting back to things I didn't buy. House numbers. Ceramic house numbers, that actually in a box of very little choice had my numbers and the 'b' I would need. Something I had been looking for at one point... but today I thought 'no, resist!' So I did. And so they stayed in the box under the stall table.
There were quite a few new retro stores with older lady owners. I don't know if they were cleaning out their houses or starting a new biz, but they had some really nice stuff. At one of these stores I found 4 beautiful vintage Simplex puzzels. I have quite a collection already. But I thought to myself I probably had enough, and unless I was planning on opening a Simplex museum some time in the future (hmmm...) now might be time to draw that line in the sand and stop. These same new stores also had some lovely table clothes (as you can see hanging), but all for little coffee tables so no good to me. Also there were some beautiful vases, a few of which I could have added into my collections even following my strict criteria. But, no, I decided the vases were good, but not 'amazing amazing' quality or designs, so with all my will power, I walked on. I also passed up some cute little children's chairs AND some wooden Brio toy cars. (See just how good I was, Dudu?!)
Checking out the other hall was fast. A lot of clothes stalls, but thankfully all grouped together so I could bypass them all completely. At this point I'd been there 2.5 hours; way longer than I anticipated. Powered by Ricochet's understanding that this was important to Mum and by poffertjes, the only flea market fuel you need. But, had to end at some point and at 3 hours in Ricochet started to get heavy, my body tired, and I thought it was time to head off. We had our treasure, now time to head home and bake for Edu's arrival home tomorrow after a long work trip away in New Zealand.
Of course I didn't leave empty handed. That isn't possible. What did I find? Well, a few more vintage Christmas decorations; the silly season is soon upon us, after all. Massive layout of €1 for the lot from the sweetest lady ever. 
Set of two vintage tiles I'll either use as coasters in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house or on the balcony. €6 the set.
And my grand prize find of the day – my pièce de résistance – a vintage mid-century 'Canova Italy' yellow rabbit rocking chair!! I know he's a 'love me or hate me' object, but I did indeed fall for this little guy. As I'm sure Ricochet will in a few month when s/he is able to sit and enjoy it, too. I saw him at an outside stall on arrival and said to myself 'Ok, if he's there on the way out, I'll take it as a sign'. Cut to 15 minutes later, and me dashing* back outside to nab him. Fate or no fate, that bunny was coming home with me! *Ok, 'dashing' when you're in your 9th month of pregnancy is actually more like a cumbersome, yet determined, walk.
He actually scrubbed up way better than I hoped for, too. I've seen a few of these types of guys before online and they can look a little scary, but this bunny has a very cheery little face, I think. In pretty good condition other than a few of the balls on the handle are squished in. A steal at €30. Edu, I hope you adore him also. And that concludes my Ij Hallen adventures for the foreseeable future. Good luck to my fellow Ij Hallen lovers, happy treasure hunting, and please share with me all your adventures and discoveries so I can still get my Ij Hallen fix every now and then. 

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