Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Lords And Ladies

Recently Edu and I have gotten into playing boardgames and cards. A nice break from the telly and easy entertainment when traveling, heavily pregnant, and now to do something together with our parents while they're all here – where the language issue (English : Catalan) suddenly vanishes. We've got a few packs of Spanish playing cards now – a bit different from the standard deck of cards – and I've loved learning some new card games. With many nights in now as we cosy in for our first winter as a family, here's another card came that I can't wait to play.
Lords and Ladies; the card game where the goal is to "build an aristocratic family's legacy through marriage, hiring servants, having children while crushing rivals with gossip and betrayal." Woohoo! That sounds fantastic!
But it gets even better. The game itself was designed by Jason Corace – a teacher and game maker – and his sister, well known to me already – the brilliant illustrator Jen Corace.
You can pre-order the game if you just can't wait for it to hit the stores for USD $30. To get a good idea about the game, watch the overview below. Oooh – I'm just too excited!! 

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