Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Recycled Christmas Tree

This year I'm forfeiting the normal Christmas tree chopping. No heading out in the cold and lugging a tree home on my bike and nearly killing myself half a dozen times in the process. No sad dry tree to lug out of the house come new year; a trail of pine needles in it's wake that somehow keep surfacing for the next 10 months. Nope, it's not happening. Fear not, I'm not giving up my tree! There's far too many decorations I can't wait to get out for that. What I am doing is renting a tree this year. Brilliant idea, and thank you, Sophie, for sharing. Huur Een Kerstboom (Rent A Christmas Tree), will deliver a tree to your door and collect it again in the New Year. Best part; the tree is living and will be replanted for next year. No senseless waste of tree life. Mine comes December 6th – the Christmas count-down is on!

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