Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Thank You, 2013

It's New Year's Eve! I'm currently home alone with Oscar waiting for the family to return from various outings. The TV is on (to keep Oscar asleep) and I'm sorting out my linen closet. Might sound sad to most, but ironing my beautiful vintage linen collection and packing them away neatly in my linen cupboard, in a house I love, looking at my gorgeous new baby, stuffing the odd chocolate into my gob every now and then, is pretty much as close to domestic bliss as you can get. Tell me I'm wrong. Looking forward to dinner with my whole family; I think we'll crack open the Christmas pudding, and savor my one glass of bubbles (breast feeding woes) before we try and stuff a grape into our mouth for ever bell toll of the new year – as is Catalan tradition. Thank you for an amazing 2103 – Enjoy your evenings, and see you next year! Lel x

Monday, 30 December 2013

First Snow Fall

As we look towards the New Year and what it might bring, I'm sharing this lovely wedding inspiration from First Snow Fall for all 2014's brides. Loving the gold-dot interior envelopes. Really lovely wedding stationery, wedding cake toppers, cards, and more. Here's to a beautiful year!

Soft Serve

Gold-dipped ceramic soft serve scooped up for you by Wayne Mcara. Happiness.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Craft For My Baby

A couple of years back when working for Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam I was sent to the London office to work for a few months on our Nokia client. The London office is in the east, a stone's throw from the Old Spitalfields Market that's on every Thursday. Lucky me. I couldn't make it every week, but the times I did I usually found treasure. Such as these lovely vintage patches. They've been tucked away in the cupboard all this time waiting for a baby to warrant their use. And, ta-da, Oscar has now made that possible.
 So, I've picked out a few of his rather drab pieces of clothing to jazz up.
And hey-presto, the result! Five bright and cheery motifs for my little boy. They were easy iron-on appliques, and done in a jiffy. Hopefully they wash well and last the distance.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Boat For My Boy

Oh, and another Christmas is over. Oscar's first ever Chrissy, and what did Santa bring? A boat! Not just any boat, a container ship; just like the ones he can see out the window of his house cruising down the Ij every day. When I saw these boats I new Oscar had to have one. He won't be able to play with it for a while as it has lots of small pieces, but it's such an apt symbol of where we live and the city where he was born, that expensive as it was, my little one was having it.
The boats are beautifully crafted from wood by Papa Foxtrot. These wooden toy ships are all exact models of actual ships; a container ship, a natural gas transporter, and an oil transporter. I love them all but there're pretty expensive so I just picked one.
This grey ship is the one I got Oscar; the Emma Maersk in grey. "At nearly 400 meters in length, the Emma is the longest container ship in the world. Besides being the longest, she also has the world’s largest diesel engine producing nearly 110,000 horsepower. She carries over 11,000 containers from China to Europe every seven weeks, with stops in Africa and the Middle East on her way. Emma’s first captain, Henrik Solmer, said that piloting her is a fantastic feeling and “what younger people would say is cool.”" She measures 40cm × 6cm × 8cm. I chose the grey as that's what we see out our window. The blue is nice, but I liked the stronger grey colourway. 
Ok, now it's time to get back to leftovers...

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Spread Some Christmas Cheer

Merry Christmas All!

What an amazing year it's been. This Christmas we have our little Oscar with us. Becoming a mother was incredible; labour was tough with some complications, but I'm now I'm fully recovered and I feel very blessed to have such a gorgeous son and be enjoying family life with him.
Sadly, this isn't the case for all new mothers, and today I wanted to share an organisation that helps women who have have not had a good labour and are left with a socially and physically debilitating condition after; obstetric fistula. The organisation is called the Fistula Foundation and you can learn more about the condition from the video below.

I can't imagine having the joy of a new baby tarnished by this condition, and all that these women can endure because of it. There are many ways you can help; USD $450 / €330 / AUD $500 will provide a surgery for one woman. You can also make a monthly contribution.
So my Xmas present to myself this year isn't new shoes, clothes, or anything else I don't actually need but instead it's the opportunity to change another new mother's life for the better. I think that's a pretty neat. You can donate any amount you wish, and they have a lot of products on the site for sale also.

The foundation requests you make your donation by December 31st if possible. So, don't think, donate now!

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas! Please share, please donate!
Lel x

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Karen Mabon

Add some brightness to your day with these vibrant scarves by Scottish designer Karen Mabon. Each one tells a story, from a bull in a china shop, to magic acts, to office life, and candy crushes. She has a permanent collection as well as a winter collection and collaboration with Coco Fennell.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Kacper Hamilton

New designer on the radar; Kacper Hamilton. Kacper has designed this uber elegant port decanter and glass set for the London Design Festival. The idea comes from port drinking etiquette; the Bishop of Norwich who was notorious for not passing the port, as is proper. The glasses and decanter have a pointed base, so they can't stand alone and therefore must be passed around. Lovely concept and perfect execution. How perfect this would be for Christmas!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Tree

A tree to rival all trees! Christmas preparations are well and truly underway in the Pou-Rafferty household. First things first – the tree is up. I was originally intending to get a tree from the Chrissy tree rental place I blogged about, but I was a bit disappointed in the tree that was delivered. Panic followed. It was too small to hold all my decorations (I would be lucky if it took one box...), so I promptly asked for it to be collected and taken back. I'm sure they have very nice trees, and they did give me the option to pick another that I declined as I had already nabbed one from the Haarlemmerplein florist. I was on a time crunch. Decisions had to be made and with guests arriving for the weekend, I had to just make a move.
Once the tree was secured, the fun part came. It was all hands on deck; Mum unwrapping decorations, Dad on an emergency ornament hook run to Blokker, as I was hanging the decorations Mum passed to me. As you can see from the dining table covered in decorations, egg cartons fill of them also, I have a lot of decorations. Some may say too many, but not I! There's a lot vintage ornaments that are among my most prized possessions, as well as some decorations that usually have some meaning behind them; be it a token of a city visited, symbol of Australia (surfing Santa, cockatoo, etc.), or Catalunya (half a tomato, donkey, caga tio, etc), something that represents someone we know (tennis racket, dog for our Zoe and Raffie), or just something that looked cool.
Above: me with the work in progress tree as the sun sets in the background, and below the finished. 
Some details of the tree with some of my favourite ornaments. This collection has been going for over 13 years now and every year the odd piece is added to the total. But it's only every few years I actually get to put the tree up as I'm usually off traveling to see family or friends over Christmas. This year with Oscar's arrival this Christmas is going to be very special. Aside form Edu and I having our first Xmas together both in Amsterdam and in our own house with our first child, we also have the added bonus of my parents being here and my brother and sister joining us this weekend. What a doosey this year will be! Hope you all have your tree up and decorated. I just love it!