Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Boat For My Boy

Oh, and another Christmas is over. Oscar's first ever Chrissy, and what did Santa bring? A boat! Not just any boat, a container ship; just like the ones he can see out the window of his house cruising down the Ij every day. When I saw these boats I new Oscar had to have one. He won't be able to play with it for a while as it has lots of small pieces, but it's such an apt symbol of where we live and the city where he was born, that expensive as it was, my little one was having it.
The boats are beautifully crafted from wood by Papa Foxtrot. These wooden toy ships are all exact models of actual ships; a container ship, a natural gas transporter, and an oil transporter. I love them all but there're pretty expensive so I just picked one.
This grey ship is the one I got Oscar; the Emma Maersk in grey. "At nearly 400 meters in length, the Emma is the longest container ship in the world. Besides being the longest, she also has the world’s largest diesel engine producing nearly 110,000 horsepower. She carries over 11,000 containers from China to Europe every seven weeks, with stops in Africa and the Middle East on her way. Emma’s first captain, Henrik Solmer, said that piloting her is a fantastic feeling and “what younger people would say is cool.”" She measures 40cm × 6cm × 8cm. I chose the grey as that's what we see out our window. The blue is nice, but I liked the stronger grey colourway. 
Ok, now it's time to get back to leftovers...

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