Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Thank You, 2013

It's New Year's Eve! I'm currently home alone with Oscar waiting for the family to return from various outings. The TV is on (to keep Oscar asleep) and I'm sorting out my linen closet. Might sound sad to most, but ironing my beautiful vintage linen collection and packing them away neatly in my linen cupboard, in a house I love, looking at my gorgeous new baby, stuffing the odd chocolate into my gob every now and then, is pretty much as close to domestic bliss as you can get. Tell me I'm wrong. Looking forward to dinner with my whole family; I think we'll crack open the Christmas pudding, and savor my one glass of bubbles (breast feeding woes) before we try and stuff a grape into our mouth for ever bell toll of the new year – as is Catalan tradition. Thank you for an amazing 2103 – Enjoy your evenings, and see you next year! Lel x

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